Why On-Call Accounting?

We empower associations, non-profits, and CIDs with tailored financial management systems:

  • Cash flow forecasts.
    Our cash flow forecasts provide valuable insights to help you plan better for the future. Say goodbye to surprises and make informed decisions with confidence.
  • Revenue review.
    Stay on top of invoicing and receivables. For CIDs, we ensure that the right parcels are included in the tax digest and tracking grants for accurate invoicing.
  • Simplified payment work flow.
    No more delays in payment processing. Authorized board members and staff can view, approve, and pay bills directly from their mobile devices with automatically enforced policies.
  • Status of budget.
    Keep tabs on the status of every project, grant, and event. We'll keep your budget organized, make adjustments as needed, and ensure that your resources are allocated effectively.
  • Custom reports for the board, committees and managers
    Effectively communicate critical metrics to key stakeholders. No more sifting through irrelevant data - our reports deliver insights that matter.
  • Corporate credit card substantiation.
    Streamline the substantiation process for corporate credit card transactions. With our email-based system, you can easily validate and verify expenses.
  • Simplified expense reports.
    Eliminate unnecessary headaches. Our system simplifies the entire process, saving you time and reducing frustration.
  • Simplified time sheets & scheduling.
    Easily manage shifts, track hours worked, and ensure accurate payroll processing. For CIDs utilizing off-duty police officers, our system helps makes scheduling a breeze.
  • Budget preparation.
    Create comprehensive budgets, including capital budgets and 5-year forecasts so you can plan for the future with confidence. 
  • Preparation for audits & IRS 990 filings.
    We help gather and organize the necessary documentation, ensuring compliance and readiness. Simplify the process and minimize stress by relying on our experience and assistance.


See progress on financial goals on your mobile device.


Reports your board and committees will value.


Know the financial status of each grant, department, or project.


Detailed reports for you and your managers.

Financial Statements

Financial statements, receivables, payables.


Bills can be viewed, approved and paid electronically from mobile devices.