Why On-Call Accounting?

We provide specialized systems to help associations, non-profits and community improvement districts (CIDs) manage their finances.
  • Cash flow forecasts
    So you can plan better
  • Revenue review
    Stay on top of invoicing and receivables. For CIDs, make sure the right parcels are on the tax digest and invoice for grants.
  • Simplified payment work flow
    No more waiting for check-signers - authorized board members and staff can see and approve/pay bills from their mobile device, with approval policies automatically enforced
  • Status of budget
    Know the status of each project, grant and event.
  • Custom reports for the board, committees and managers
    Clearly communicate the metrics they need to see, when they need to see it
  • Corporate credit card substantiation
    By email
  • Simplified expense reports
    Take some of the aggravation out of it
  • Simplified time sheets & scheduling
    For hourly employees and for CIDs that utilize off-duty police officers
  • Budget preparation
    Including capital budget and 5-year forecast
  • Preparation for audits & IRS 990 filings


Reports your board and committees will value.


Know the financial status of each grant, department, or project.


Detailed reports for you and your managers.

Financial Statements

Financial statements, receivables, payables.